Sustainability Policy


GeoAccess deliver a variety of services across almost every area of the UK. We acknowledge the work we do could impact on local communities and wider society and as such adopt a sustainable business approach. We define this to be one that creates stakeholder value, whilst embracing opportunities and managing risks from social, economic and environmental impacts.

Our Corporate Objectives

GeoAccess is committed to both operating a sustainable business, and delivering services which meet and go beyond the sustainable objectives of our customers. Our approach is underpinned by our six company objectives. We believe that, through committing to deliver these objectives GeoAccess can have the most positive impact to society both now and in future years to come.

We will achieve sustainable growth
We have set ourselves a series of ambitious growth plans. We will deliver these plans through conducting our business in accordance with our values and Code of Ethics.

We will provide value to our customers
We commit to investing in our people, our assets, smart technology and the business to ensure we offer high quality, innovative and sustainable services that put the public and our customers’ changing needs at the core of what we do.

We will invest in people and skills for the future
We are a people business and everything we do is done by our employees. We fully commit to investing in people and valuing diversity to fulfil potential.

We will support communities
Our ultimate aim is to create sustainable communities. We will improve the communities that we serve and create positive social change by working with our clients, partners and suppliers to maximise the long term benefits for the wider community.

We will protect and enhance the environment
The planet’s resources are not infinite. We seek to safeguard them both today and for future generations will do this by;

  • reducing our impact on and adapting for climate change, effective use and management of materials and resources, and
  • biodiversity and ecosystem services enhancement.

Key Principles

In addition to our six company objectives, GeoAccess consider strong governance, stakeholder engagement and transparency essential elements of sustainability and as such will operate in accordance with the following principles:

  • We will embed our company objectives throughout the company so they become the essence of everything we do.
  • We will communicate and report on our performance against our objectives.
  • We will review data and targets and agree actions as appropriate to improve our performance.
  • We will undertake formal stakeholder identification and engagement, to seek feedback on our progress and encourage other organisation to adopt sound sustainability management practice.

Roles and Responsibilities

This policy is an integral part of our core business strategy and should be read in conjunction with a number of other GeoAccess policies on related matters.

Responsibility for delivery of this policy rests with the Director.

Communication of the Policy

This policy will be displayed on noticeboards and brought to the attention of other stakeholders as required.