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Mark Coleman

Managing Director

Mark co-founded GeoAccess in 2014. A graduate from the University of Portsmouth with a BEng (Hons) in Engineering Geology and Geotechnics, Mark has always had a head for dizzying heights. With a career spanning ground and site investigation, across the Highways, Railway, and Utilities sectors, Mark’s vision was to create a company which would provide solutions where clients were presented with challenging access issues, using not only rope access, but new innovative and technical solutions such as UAV and submersible drones.

As a small aircraft Pilot himself, introducing a drone element to the business has absolutely made sense. In more recent times, and alongside his business partner David Frost, Mark has grown GeoAccess into an Asset Management company. Mark’s experience as part of the Network Rail Civil Examination Framework Agreement contract has more than equipped him with the foresight and knowledge to offer workable solutions to both clients and contractors alike working throughout the various Asset Engineering sectors.

Mark is a firm believer that regardless of the challenge, it is always possible, even if one has to be a little creative, to find a solution for the client. To date, he has succeeded in this endeavour.

Mark Coleman

07765 372823


David Frost

Operations Director

David co-founded GeoAccess in 2014.  A graduate from the University of Leeds with a BSc (Hons) in Geological Science, David had always wanted to be a Geologist exploring the world for natural resources.  As a result, David’s early career was spent working for one of the world’s largest oil field service companies flying out to various rigs, platforms, and jack-ups as an exploration Geologist from Aberdeen.

It wasn’t too long before David was packing his kit-bags, travelling to the other side of the world to work for a large gold mining company in Western Australia. Like Mark, David also had plans to set up a business, and initially this venture was a drilling company back in the UK. However, when an opportunity arose for David to move into the railway sector, working as part of a huge rail asset management contract, he grasped the opportunity with both hands and worked his way through to eventually leading the team nationally.

With this strong operational skillset, David has complemented Mark in the growth of GeoAccess. He is a firm believer in working collaboratively with the client, and as an operational leader, generates a real confidence within the ever expanding work force.

David Frost

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The Team


Our management team are supported by a highly skilled group of Civil & Structural Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Geologists, Environmental Engineers, Rope Access Operatives and Drone Pilots, all of whom share a passion for delivering the best service possible.

The GeoAccess Team


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