Environmental policy


GeoAccess is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment. Environmental management is part of our decision making process; we work with our clients, partners and supply chain to undertake environmental risk assessment, minimise environmental impact and prevent pollution. GeoAccess is actively committed to continual improvement and seeks to use materials, products and processes which deliver services that conserve and enhance the natural environment.


To meet these commitments we will:

  • Establish, maintain and continually improve an effective environmental management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 14001.
  • Comply with all national, local or sector environmental regulations, working closely and positively with regulators and other environmental stakeholders.
  • Identify areas of environmental risk and implement measures that mitigate them to ensure pollution prevention, reduced adverse impact and where appropriate environmental enhancement, focused on:
    1. reducing our impact on and adapting to climate change
    2. using the waste hierarchy to govern the management of waste through source reduction, re-use, recycling and responsible disposal
    3. minimising our use of natural resources
    4. greater understanding and increased use of sustainable resources and products
    5. Biodiversity and ecosystem services conservation and enhancement.
  • Ensure environmental incidents are recorded, investigated, reported, and action taken to correct or prevent adverse impact.
  • Ensure close calls are routinely reviewed and learning communicated.
  • Regularly measure key aspects of our environmental performance and report progress against benchmarks and targets.
  • Ensure all staff are competent and receive training appropriate to their role, increasing environmental performance and promoting environmental awareness throughout the company.
  • Work with our stakeholders, including key suppliers, contractors, customers and partners to manage and improve environmental performance and share best practice.
  • Communicate our environmental commitments, focusses, success and challenges to our employees and stakeholders

Roles and Responsibilities

Directors – Responsibility for the proper management of environmental impacts rests with the Director.

Managers and Supervisors – Protection of the Environment is a line management / supervisors responsibility. Each manager will make regular assessments of the impacts and risks associated with their area of responsibility and ensure that the standards and procedures are sufficient to provide and maintain and improve on good environmental performance.

Employees and sub-contract staff – Must be competent in their role and trained to an appropriate level, helping to promote and improve environmental awareness throughout the company.

Communication of the Policy

This policy will be displayed on noticeboards and brought to the attention of other stakeholders as required.